Missing teeth can create a wide variety of problems, both with the appearance and function of your mouth. A large percentage of individuals over the age of 50 are missing teeth, leading to difficulties with eating as well as the embarrassment that comes along with this problem.

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Are you tired of dealing with the following complaints?

  • Problems eating your favorite foods
  • Difficulties biting into or chewing harder foods
  • Problems with tooth alignment that cause mouth injuries or soreness
  • Embarrassment from the aesthetic changes that accompany tooth loss
  • Problems with clear speech due to missing teeth

If you deal with these issues or any others that result from tooth loss, you don’t have to suffer in silence. Replacement teeth could provide the solution you are looking for to correct these issues and bring back your quality of life. Our offices in Houston can provide you with important information regarding your treatment options.

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How Replacement Teeth can Improve Your Quality of Life

As stated, missing teeth can create a variety of problems involving eating, speaking, and your appearance. The following is a list of ways that replacement teeth can improve your quality of life and the function of your mouth.

Replacement teeth can help produce clear speech
Many times you may only think of the importance of the tongue when it comes to proper speech. However, the teeth also play a vital role in the production of clear speech. Think about a young child who begins to lose their baby teeth and as a result experiences changes in the clarity of their speech. The same thing happens to adults who lose teeth as well.When you speak, your tongue will move in various ways within the mouth, brushing against your teeth with the formation of certain sounds. When teeth are missing, it alters this process and can lead to changes in the way you formulate words or individual letter sounds. Unclear speech can affect your ability to communicate appropriately with others or do your job in an efficient manner. Replacement teeth fill the gaps from missing teeth and allow you to speak clearly and enunciate words correctly.

Replacement teeth can allow you to eat your favorite foods
If you are missing teeth, you may find it extremely difficult to eat your favorite foods. Even biting into and chewing harder foods can prove to be quite an arduous task, and some foods may be completely out of the question. Furthermore, the ability to chew your food properly is essential for the assimilation of vital nutrients that keep you healthy.

Replacement teeth can allow you to bite into your favorite foods with ease. You will be able to thoroughly chew each bite to aid in proper digestion and to be sure you get the maximum amount of nutrition from your food. You do not have to suffer the loss of your favorite foods, as the addition of properly fitting replacement teeth will allow you to eat your favorite foods with ease and comfort.

Replacement teeth can increase your self-esteem
It’s no secret that missing teeth can be embarrassing simply due to the aesthetically unappealing nature of the problem. This is especially true if the missing teeth affect the front of the mouth, making it obvious when you speak to others or smile with an open mouth. If you feel ashamed of missing teeth or find yourself avoiding social events due to this issue, you don’t have to suffer. Replacement teeth are now made to look as realistic as your natural teeth and can provide you with the self-confidence you need to tackle life’s issues head on and with confidence. Put a smile back on your face and wear it with pride!

Replacement teeth can contribute to a healthier mouth

Aside from the above-mentioned issues, having missing teeth can create an uneven wear pattern in the mouth or even result in bone loss and gum wear and tear over time. Teeth are absolutely vital to prevent the loss of bone mass within the mouth and jaws. Replacement teeth can provide the structure necessary for your mouth to remain as healthy as possible for many decades to come.

Common FAQs Regarding Dentures

Now that you are aware of the benefits of replacement teeth, you may still find that you have questions about them. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions on this topic.
How long do replacement teeth last?
Typically, replacement teeth will last as long as ten years when cared for properly. We will happily instruct you on the proper care and maintenance of your replacement teeth to ensure that they last many years.

How much do replacement teeth cost?
The cost associated with replacement teeth will vary somewhat due to your personal needs as well as your location. However, this type of treatment is now more affordable than ever before. Additionally, many insurance policies cover treatment and other programs also exist to help cover the costs involved. We will provide you will a complete evaluation and treatment plan, as well as disclose all costs involved in getting started and completing your treatment.

Will replacement teeth change my appearance?
Quite simply, yes. Most patients report that they are told they look younger when they begin wearing dentures. This is not only due to a more attractive smile, but also because the presence of a full set of teeth helps smooth the skin and keep the muscles of the face in good shape. This all contributes to a younger looking appearance and an improvement in self-esteem.

How do I clean my replacement teeth?
It is best to clean your replacement teeth after each meal by removing them and brushing the same way you would do with your natural teeth. They can also be soaked overnight in a disinfectant solution to keep them clean and free of germs. We can provide you with thorough instructions on the best way to keep your replacement teeth clean at the time of your visit.

Are dentures safe?
Yes, they are safe, effective, and affordable. They offer the freedom to speak clearly, to eat your favorite foods, and to smile with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you look your absolute best.

If you have been dealing with any of the negative issues that come along with the loss of teeth, please don’t put off treatment and suffer any longer. Contact the office of Dr. Dan Chu in Houston to find out how we can assist you with getting the proper treatment to suit your needs, getting you back on the road to a healthy and happy smile.