70 year old male. Complete edentulous missing teeth. Patient wants a more secure fixed restoration.
Placed 6 Bicon short implants with a Trinia bridge by Bicon Dental. 5 years old.

55 year old female. Failed Root Canal treated tooth resulting in lost of tooth due to fracture. Implant placement, healing site post placement, temporary bridge fabrication, and final single tooth restoration.

65 year old male. Patient wanted a really quick great option for a perfect smile. He declined traditional restorative options like veneers and crowns and had Snap-On Smile fabricated.

70 year old female. Failed bridge on the upper left. We were able to restore with 2 implants and a new bridge.

32 year old female. Missing central due to a recent car accident. Replaced with single tooth implant, crown on the left central.

55 year old male. No more messy glue. Upgrade your denture with an Implant-retained Overdenture. The overdenture is secured to your implants through retentive attachments incorporated into the existing denture.